Introducing Telemedicine

  • To improve health and can connect with patients remotely, Telemedicine is the tool that is revolutionizing the healthcare system by enabling HCPs and patients to exchange medical information electronically.
  • DigiTrends provides HCPs an opportunity to inspect their patients without having to reach to them physically, hence saving travel cost, and time.
  • It only need a laptop with a camera and mic, along with 4g internet to initiate the telemed session even from the remote areas.

It can be utilized for:

  • Patient consultations through videoconferencing
  • Transmission of still images such as x-ray reports
  • E-health with Integrated EMR
  • Remote monitoring of vital signs

Telemedicine Features

  • Integrated audio and video for live patient engagement with low bandwith support
  • Ability to produce clinical documentation from each consultation:
  • Complete EMR Management
  • Ability to send clinical documentation to/from your EMR
  • You can access Patient Medical History including previous medicines, XRAYs, diagnosis etc.
  • Ability to access picture archiving and communication system images (such as CT scans) directly from the telemedicine system
  • Integrated Dicom Viewer
  • Appointment Schedule for Doctors
  • Clinic Creation with in-built frequencies for Doctors
  • Archiving for EMR and Past Consulations, for referral in case of new diagnoses or different doctors

Telemedicine Explanatory

Telemedicine Benefits

  • Save Travel Time
  • Save Waiting Time
  • Save Travel Cost
  • Save Cost of a physical attendance vs. virtual attendance
  • Patient Privacy
  • Data collected and archived helps research
  • Electronic Archival of the Consultations (optional)
  • Range of Opinion available (distance no bound)