HCP Portal

HCP PORTAL (Multi Channel Health Care portal for HCPs and Patients)
Easy Essential Access for HCPs
Multi-channel HCP Portal will seamlessly integrate with your CRM and boost the pharma-physician relationship to new heights. HCP portal is a powerful tool that will surpass all mediums in terms of effectiveness as information delivered goes beyond that delivered by rep

Features of HCP Portal

  • Latest medical content through RSS feeds
  • Doctor community
  • Data of multiple therapeutic areas available
  • Remote Detailing
  • Interactive knowledge based quizzes for HCPs
  • Push notifications to send personal notifications to desired doctors/doctor
  • Disease or Health related articles for Consumers

Medical Router

MCM ready content up-dated automatically
Finding authentic and relevant content is challenging but also supremely important as engagement with HCPs is a prime metric. With our new Medical router you can now, create an informational website for HCPs or integrate it. with an existing portal to get updates from latest medical feeds, clinical trials, researches, video, podcasts, and news about the particular specialty from renowned medical sources.

Key Features:

  • Medical Journals
  • Latest Medical Events
  • Video Library
  • Daily updates
  • CME Resources
  • Clinical Trials
  • Articles