Online CME Health

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1. Affiliation

The courses are affiliated with top Royal Medical Colleges which means that the members enrolling in the courses will be awarded certification by the end of their courses from Royal Medical Colleges.

2. Why Online CME?

- The course contents are comprehensive as incorporate a wide range of topics.
- The courses are accessible for all medical practitioners because of its affordability cost.
- The portal is convenient for the users and members allowing prompt progression.
- It is designed with scaled methods through which the development and success during the online courses can be measured.

3. Benefits of Online CME

a. The medical officials or practitioners will be able to serve and maintain their professional performance.
b. It will ensure that the relationship of the physicians is likely to get meaningful with their clients and team members.
c. At the same time, Online CME supports the members or users of the panel to engage with the content of medical sciences, clinical medicine as well as public awareness subjects.
d. Expectations regarding the competence level and criteria are regularly communicated to the HCPs allowing updated knowledge concerning the medical field in general.
e. The courses are exclusively devised which means that they are developed and review by industry leaders who are chief in their respective fields.

4. Categories of Online CME Courses

- Ophthalmology
- Acute Medicine
- Dentistry
- General Practice
- Radiology
- Anesthesia
- Intensive Care Medicine
- Interpretation of Radiological Images

5. What’s in it for the Pharmaceutical Companies?

There are branding options for the pharmaceutical companies who are interested to buy the subscription of the portal through DigiTrends.

- The in-portal design of Online CME incorporated spaces where branding of the company or product can be done.

6. Usage Models

The subscription of the portal can be undertaken in two ways:

1. Event-based

Medical institutions can purchase the subscription of the Online CME portal for their HCPs in an event-based manner. It merely means that an event can be organized where the course content can be processed with a large number of HCPs in attendance. The certifications are awarded by the end of the event.

2. Personalized Subscription

Another way to undergo the usage of the content of Online CME by medical institutions is the subscription of accounts that are created for personalized usage. It means that each HCP associated with the medical institution will have a personalized account ID where they will enlist for respective courses.