E-Detailing CRM

Pharma Sales Force - Re-engineered!

Intuitive E-Detailing platform to achieve your marketing goals, empower your sales team, and delight your customers.


  • Cloud based system
  • 100% offline capability
  • Dynamic and animated content
  • Built-in Business Intelligence tool with Integrated Automated Reporting
  • Saves printing cost
  • Automation of Salesforce Planning
  • Greater reach and interaction frequency
  • Greater depth and speed of information
  • Powerful salesforce performance tracking


E-Detailing Analytics & Reports

  • All major reports covering reps performance, doctor feedback, manager joint calls, daily attendance reports together with sales integration
  • Live on-field reports of Medical Reps Activities including Location Capturing
  • Hierarchy based dashboard with customizable graphs and tables
  • Easily download reports on excel format
  • Supports integration with databases

DT E-Detailing Application

  • Advanced & Impactful brand content for doctors
  • Supports surveys, customized calls, HCP feedback recording, with offline functionality
  • Allow medical-rep to show Mechanism of Action (MOA) videos
  • Attendance marking feature right on the application
  • Geo-tagging functionality with every call made by medical rep
  • One click sync feature do download & report content and calls respectively

Monthly Call Planner

  • Brick wise call planning module on cloud with Dashboard & Reports
  • Hierarchy wise call plan submission levels including Rep, ASM, SM, SSM, & BM
  • Accommodate unplanned calls. Drag & drop features to easily move doctors and bricks as per the change in plan

Content Management System

  • Centralized hub to manage and push content to sales force teams
  • Sales force & doctor data management
  • E-Detail Aid Management

Expense & Sample Management

  • Track RSM expenses with ease
  • Automated inventory management process