Medical Content Writing

Content Strategy

HCP engagement:

Our team of in-house medically trained content writers identify with what HCPs want and accordingly produce HCP driven content that captures their attention and delivers the message.
What we do on Medical Content Writing projects:

  • Quick-read articles for busy doctors
  • Latest usage Research updates
  • Curated Case studies
  • Adaptations

Consumer engagement:

We help pharmaceutical companies achieve their communications goals by planning, creating and distributing content that inspires their audience to take action. What we do on consumer awareness projects:

  • Design content strategy – Starting with your objectives, we create a content plan, devise a roadmap for all initiatives across all channels to drive measurable results
  • Content creation - publishing relevant and engaging content related to brand or a therapeutic area
  • Content Distribution: Social media management, Emails, Blogs

Digitrends Medical router

Specialty based medical content through RSS

MCM ready content up-dated automatically
Finding authentic and relevant content is challenging but also supremely important as engagement with HCPs is a prime metric. With our new Medical router you can now, create an informational website for HCPs or integrate it with an existing portal to get updates from latest medical feeds, clinical trials, researches, video, podcasts, and news about the particular specialty from renowned medical sources.

Featured client: Novartis

Key Features:
- Specialty based content from renowned medical sources

  • Medical Journals
  • Latest Medical Events
  • Video Library
  • Daily updates
  • CME Resources
  • Clinical Trials
  • Articles