Elements of a Gamified Approach

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Common Elements of a Gamified Approach

• Spaced Education. According to this approach, relevant knowledge is delivered – usually to the healthcare practitioner (HCP) - in spaced intervals to maintain engagement. This may include quiz questions to give the audience a sense of achievement. For this approach to work, the knowledge being offered should be in demand with the audience, and the spacing appropriate.

• Tightly Packed Info. The content should not be overwhelming for the audience. Limit the volume of information to bite-sized modules. Finally, the brand team must incorporate strategic objectives in all content.

• Creating Competition. A competitive format excites motivation and thrill. Progressive levels, achievements, and a leaderboard where players can see how they rank among their peers can encourage healthy competition. Also make sure the competition design is not too intense, leaving users discouraged.
• User-Friendliness. HCPs come in all shapes and sizes. Digital savviness should never be assumed. A simple, intuitive design for the game should be a priority.