Unlocking the power of Webinars

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It seems that pharma marketers are always scrambling to find the next most ‘different’ marketing channel that agencies can offer them. And to an extent it is true. But the smart marketers know not to jump on the bandwagon, unless there is some real benefit therein.

Webinars, today, are synonymous with tech-ambitious companies trying to reach larger audiences. It seems that every smart company is doing it without actually appreciating its true benefits. Webinars are an integral tool in every efficient marketer’s arsenal. It is worthwhile to understand the utility of webinars before jumping on yet another bandwagon.


What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a live, internet-based video conference that allows the host to connect to a potentially very large audience. The host can use a variety of audio-visual presentation methods to communicate with the audiences. These include live video, as well as graphics and text-based communication. Webinar tools include interactive features which allow smooth exchange of information between the host and the audience. Much of this interaction is comfortable, and comparable to in-person interactions.

Getting to know the market

Organizing a webinar is an immensely educational experience. Through the process, marketing managers and brand custodians can identify patterns in audience interaction. They can get a deeper understanding of the type of

audience that responds most to their offering, for example. Additional tools like polls, attendance levels, geographic segmentation, and Continuous Audience Interaction can be used to understand the customer better. Similarly, healthcare professionals can also get a more concrete feel of the audience through interactive digital tools.

Efficient Sharing of Knowledge

Pharma marketing is quite unique in its approach. Much of its focus remains on sharing updated, quality information with its target audiences. The primary utility of webinars is the sharing of information efficiently. It allows knowledge to be digitally diffused from the source to individuals and groups who wish to receive it. Therefore, webinars are extremely effective tools to allow key opinion leaders (KOLs) or industry-experts to share their expertise to a willing audience. These audiences often consist of a diverse group of people such as GPs, students, and even ancillary healthcare staff.

The benefit of this information-sharing is two-way. On the one hand it benefits practitioners and students, and on the other hand it positions the institutions associated with the expert as knowledge-centers. The pharma marketers can then reap the benefits of this value-generation through increased awareness of their relevant therapeutic areas.

Reach customers over a wide geographic area

Through webinars, geographical boundaries can be rendered meaningless. Healthcare professionals can attend from anywhere they can access the Internet, including mobile devices. This level of accessibility is key in this digital age and helps expand reach. Ultimately, webinars allow hosts to reach people all around the world simultaneously, which means greater exposure and, inevitably, brand recognition.


In an increasingly competitive pharma market, with locked drug-prices and sky-rocketing overheads, cost is a sore topic. However, webinars are a welcome alternative to in-person seminars and expensive expert-meetings. Additionally, webinars almost eliminate the need for hectic scheduling, trying to match the availability of all participants. Recordings and View-on-Demand allow users to access material at their convenience.

Webinars are bottom-line-friendly marketing tools which can serve a marketer well if used correctly. DigiTrends is a pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical digital marketing in Pakistan. With exceptional experience in developing webinar platforms and organizing large-scale webinars, DigiTrends is a trusted partner to the majority of the top-25 players in the Pakistani pharmaceutical market. For queries regarding how DigiTrends can help you better employ webinars, contact us at info@digitrends.ae.