Marketing strategies for Pharma

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Current pharma industry is becoming increasingly challenging. While health care demand has risen globally, the rise of smaller and me too pharma companies have made consumer engagement difficult. The physicians are more pressed for time, which means lesser time for pharma representatives. Marketing strategies in pharma need much more than the traditional approach.


Understanding your physician

Doctors are hard pressed for time. Medical practices and protocols take up most of their time to allow them sufficient engagement with the pharma reps. Establishing direct communication will mean a very small window of communication between the pharma rep and doctor. The message should be crisp and clear to ensure maximum impact in minimum amount of time.

New pharma technology

Technological advancements such as edetailing have revolutionized the way pharma markets itself. Interactive detailing and information resources can be the best aid for pharma reps who wish to seek out information at the convenience of their own time. The use of animations can help speed up your communication without losing accuracy.

Creating lasting relationships

While use of technological methods is very much needed, the physician also seeks one to one interaction. Therefore the strategy should be to use technology as an aid to a more fruitful conversation with the physician.

Create engaging and lasting tools

The internet use trend among physicians is a new window of opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry. Using various online portals and social media websites, pharma companies can create lasting engagement with their providers. Success of the marketing strategy is to evaluate the tools at hand and using them in the right proportion at the right time. This will ensure quality detailing and successful provider engagement.