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MedsDaily is a platform which builds a community of doctors around specialty based health portals to provide current & categorical medical information on a daily basis.

Each speciality based portal is called Daily and all the dailies are owned by MedsDaily.

  • RSS feed based data collection
  • Over 10,000 sources
  • All medical and health categories
  • Updates in hyperlink formats

Enables healthcare professionals to start a new thread or participate in an existing discussion for each update in every information category

Private messaging feature allows correspondence through private messaging stored in sender and recipient inboxes

Choose from any specialty to develop fully customized, medically accurate and reliable tools

MedsDaily keeps the doctors updated about

  • current news
  • research articless
  • clinical trials and researches
  • videos & podcasts
  • blogs and discussion groups

All updates on the portal are compatible with social media websites and could be shared on
Google Plus