DigiTrends E-detailer

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E-detailer is the use of electronic devices such as tablets to pitch sales presentations to doctors. E- detailing can be carried out with or without the presence of medical sales representative.


You can use powerful product information formats such as

  • PowerPoint
  • Animations
  • Mode of Action
  • Pdf
  • Research papers
  • Product specifications

With unlimited storage capacity and interactive content, the detailing becomes more accurate, convincing and lasting while customizing the presentation as it proceeds.

Through e-detailing holds edge over traditional detailing methods due to

  • Animated Mode of Action or MOA
  • User friendly communication
  • Better retention and recall by the doctor pertaining to product
  • Real time metrics on the time spent on each slide, the sequence of detailing and provider’s preference and areas of interest
  • Continuous improvement of presentations based on feedback
  • Better planning for presentations
  • Easy delivery of reference material to the provider thus improving engagement

The e-detailer dashboard includes features such as

  • Detail aids
  • Videos and MOA
  • Knowledge based programs
  • Reference library
  • Customer feedback
  • Datasheet
  • Clinical studies
  • Marketing materials

The e-detailer is able to

  • Customize and synchronize your presentations and content
  • Export logs
  • Visual and audio content with human touch through text, images, 2D animation, event based interactivity, and interactive graphs and charts
  • Basket feature to email particular documents or information to doctor

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