Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Digital marketing campaigns are applying digital technological tools in conjunction with direct and traditional market. Digital health campaigns help acquire and retain healthcare customers and onsumers while developing deeper relationships based on medical accuracy and trust.

Use the power of social media and the web to create lasting impact on your target market.


We create web campaigns, technology and touch points that truly bring your brand to the forefront. We provide closed loop marketing solutions with

  • Digital marketing combined with traditional marketing efforts
  • Digital strategy
  • Websites and mobiles
  • SEO and lead generation
  • Social media marketing
  • PR and content strategy and development
  • SMS Suit
  • Telephony solutions (IVR)
  • Mobile applications
  • Animated quiz based games

Obtain your objectives of

  • Disease awareness
  • Indirect sales
  • Market knowledge
  • Consumer facilitation

Campaign lifecycle management tools help by

  • Increasing MSR interaction with doctors
  • Brand recall and visibility
  • Direct ethical engagement with patients
  • engaging thousands of doctors simultaneously
  • data verification of doctors

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