DigiTrends- Corporate Profile

Fortifying the Digital Focus since 2012

DigiTrends is a technology company specializing in enabling Multichannel, Close loop marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Digitrends is a full-service healthcare digital strategy agency that has conceptualized and executed big scale digital projects for numerous pharmaceuticals.

What makes us unique is the way we seamlessly bring together strategy, content development, and tactical execution all under one roof.

We partner with Pharmaceutical companies to evaluate, develop and execute a comprehensive digital strategy. Our consultative problem-solving approach has helped companies to embark on the digital journey by combining communication strategy, digital channels and analytics to deliver superior customer experiences and increased customer engagement.

Samad Saleem- CEO’s Message:

“As a seasoned leader with over 10 years of experience in building digital solutions and campaigns for the pharmaceutical industry, I am proud to reinstate that DigiTrends has set a new benchmark in the digital space of the Pharmaceutical industry.

What started off as a passion, today has grown up as a purpose-driven business for us. Through DigiTrends, we have been helping Pharmaceutical companies plan and execute their marketing campaigns in the digital realm to enable them achieve their business potential using digital capacity.

So far, my team and I have worked on over 200+ brands on their digital marketing initiatives and I look forward to many more.“


To assist companies embark on the digital journey by combining digital marketing and advance technology.


With a forward-moving mindset, and a couple of 100s satisfied customers; Digitrends has embarked on a journey of full-filling promises to broaden the digital horizon of healthcare IT in Pakistan and UAE. Our vision accompanies our partners to build upon an unmatchable and hard-earned trust which has made us one and only 360 agency ever to come out of the Middle East.

As a workforce, we foresee ourselves as a much stronger unit, latching on to multi-complex level challenges to develop the industry’s favorite tools which can carve its name and reach new heights in the pharmaceutical industry.

For us, it is of paramount importance to always strive hard to increase the overall threshold of our successful business in years to come.

Our Story:

The Beginnings...

Technology & Digital - were the two distinct opportunities proposed by DigiTrends in 2012 with a purpose to embed IT into the DNA of Pharma marketing and communication.

With GSK as the first client to trust the vision, technology and potential of DigiTrends, a comprehensive E-Detailing CRM was developed and deployed for GSK Pakistan as a test experiment for a year. The success of which was acknowledged with the renewal of the contract for another year, until global platform VEEVA was adopted.

Currently DigiTrends is the licensee for VEEVA & IQVIA, dedicated to build digital medical content for Multinational pharmas including GSK, Novartis, Bayer, Sanofi, Pfizer etc.

The Journey of National Confidence

While the company was enjoying the trust of the leading multinational pharmaceuticals, the struggle to penetrate in national pharmas was imperative yet real. In 2015, Martin Dow as a first national company to give DigiTrends a green signal creating a digital ripple in the pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan. Thereon, DigiTrends has been serving more than 50 pharmaceuticals in Pakistan & UAE, reassuring our direction and purpose for a genuinely trusted healthcare space.

However, we still see a long way to go with the national pharmas in earning the trust for digital for business growth. Our objective to educate our customer is key to our purpose driven services. Through DigiTrends we see a colossal opportunity to express the need of Digital in Pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan.