Online CME Courses by the Royal College of Physicians

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Digitrends is one of its kind healthcare technology enabler in Pakistan, providing worthwhile solutions to the Pharmaceutical companies and Health Care Professionals; helping them with intuitive digital solutions to tackle the contemporary challenges. Lately, we have made a debut of CME Courses in Pakistan by launching an Online CME health Portal. The portal facilitates the Pharmaceutical companies and their customers (i.e. the HCPs) by providing them access to the


most comprehensive, world-class, certified courses. We tender unrivaled accessibility to the healthcare professionals who are endeavoring to upskill their expertise or seeking new career opportunities.

Digitrends has collaborated with the leading institutes from across the world, known for providing distinguished certifications to medical practitioners. The highly acclaimed names of the leading healthcare organizations include; Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Royal College of General Physicians, Royal College of Anesthetics, NHS Health Education England and various other renowned institutions.

Continuously replenishing the skill level is the part and parcel of medical practice. In order to tackle the new challenges and getting accustomed to

the high throughput technologies, the HCPs are in a constant need of credible courses and certifications. Digitrends facilitates the HCPs from all domains, whether it is a course in communication and interpersonal skills of the medical practitioner or a course regarding pediatrics, we offer the best collection of certified online health content in the world. the HCP with the meditation of Pharmaceutical company can complete courses from globally recognized institutions, from anywhere in Pakistan provided with an internet connection.

Since the launch of the respective service, Digitrends has collaborated with several Multinational Pharmaceutical companies. In the limited time span, we have inducted 2000 Health Care Professionals in various courses and helped them acquire credible certification.

There are a total of 4000 courses available on the portal, covering 506 medical and therapeutic domains. Digitrends hence places the medical fraternity of Pakistan in proximity with leading talent around the Globe. These courses are developed by professional and academic partners.

We are committed to providing high-quality, low-cost ongoing skills development. The holistic view of our services include;

• An inclusive platform for the continual professional development of the HCP- content related to all medical specializations in one place.
• Digitrends with the mediation of Pharmaceutical companies provides HCP access to thousands of high-quality courses.
• Provision of certificates featuring the logos of globally recognized professional and academic organizations to prove to patients and employers commitment to continuing education and professional development.
• Through privileged access the HCP associated with the Pharma Company can take short duration courses which means they can study irrespective of space and time.

Other services include a user dashboard, access to the complete course catalog and online quizzes.

There are generally two ways this service functions, with both tangible and online options

1. Onsite Engagement with KOL (Key Opinion Leader)

In this model, the Pharmaceutical company hires the focal person; the Key Opinion Leader who is the certified trainer and is the basic instructor of course. The KOL brings the Health Care Professionals-engaged with the respective Pharmaceutical industry-on an engaging platform, which can be a hotel, Hospital, or an educational institute. The interested medical practitioners register to the course and attend the on-site deliverance. This event is highly entertaining for the HCPs as they can directly participate in the discourse, attend quizzes and raise questions.

Upon the completion of the course, Digitrends receives the names of attendees from the Pharmaceutical Industry and pass on the information to the respective organization for the generation of certificates. The HCP this way receives customized certificates, that lends credibility to their skill. This certificate can be displayed in the clinics as well as used as a credential for employment opportunities and higher studies.

2. Privileged Access for HCPs

The pharmaceutical companies can also facilitate the Health Care Professionals by obtaining privileged access for their HCPs from Digitrends. The HCPs in this way can access the courses through a Digitrends generated iD and password. This online training requires minimum requisites such as a functioning internet connection and a desktop computer/ laptop while offering unprecedented exposure to the practitioner. As this is credible access to the courses, the HCP is provided with a valid certificate adorned with the logo of respective course creator organization/institute.

Both these strategies bind the HCPs with the pharmaceutical industries in a mutually facilitative way. It can be a great way for the pharmaceutical companies to expand and strengthen their customer base and devolve the most needed skill to the medical professionals- practitioners and their ilk effectively.